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send him down to teeball.

joe valentine surely looks to be this year's version of john reidling. only he is just is miserable with half the talent. i thought the reds' bullpen was supposed to be better--instead it looks like the reds are going to continue to run guys out there who couldn't throw a strike from six feet six inches, let alone sixty.

joe valentine is a joke, his stuff may be close to major league caliber, but he is a headcase with a serious control problem and that is a combination that doesn't work in the big show. i can't believe this organization was actually trying to trick us into believing that he could someday be the reds' closer.

after four devestating losses i don't know how the reds will ever rebound. but i do know one thing--the situation won't change unless some moves are made. so i say to dave miley, if you'd like to keep your job, send down the bums like valentine and play the hot hands you have in louisville. managers have been fired for less than this short string of ineptitude, so you better get it together unless you'd like to spend another twenty plus years down on the farm with the likes of joe valentine.


take that boston.

here is a really good article i found this morning. finally some respect for our great city (despite a number of backhanded compliments).


spontaneous conversation.

here is a very recent chat i had with my friend gabe gales on the current state of cincinnati sports. well actually it's not that deep--it's just a little talk about how i feel about what has happened with the reds and bengals over the last couple weeks:

GabeThGoat: what did the reds do today?
obgob1: won
obgob1: 2-1
obgob1: danny with another stellar save
GabeThGoat: nice
obgob1: 9-9
GabeThGoat: i figured griff wouldve been last man out again stranding tying runs in scoring position
obgob1: if we win the series against the cubs i will be officially satisfied with the start
obgob1: i wish
obgob1: that was awesome
obgob1: i hope we can trade him
GabeThGoat: twice in 3 games
obgob1: i know
GabeThGoat: whoa
GabeThGoat: bobby o?
GabeThGoat: is that you?
obgob1: ive always been for the trade
GabeThGoat: really?
obgob1: not for griffey hating
GabeThGoat: oh yeah
obgob1: i think hes a great player but
GabeThGoat: i get it
GabeThGoat: yeah
obgob1: not for this team
GabeThGoat: you think casey gets dealt before the season's over?
obgob1: no way
obgob1: youll see that no one local will speculate that
obgob1: only national media that doesnt know better
obgob1: we just resigned him
obgob1: we wont trade
GabeThGoat: ok...that's what i figured
GabeThGoat: but you never know
GabeThGoat: carl lindner is a moron
GabeThGoat: how'd the bengals make out today?
GabeThGoat: i was happy with the 1st 3 picks
GabeThGoat: 2 of the 3 have disciplinary problems and the 3rd loves jesus
GabeThGoat: cant go wrong there
obgob1: i was happy with the first 2
obgob1: true
GabeThGoat: the 3rd guy is the next cj
obgob1: i still cant understand drafting 2 receivers
obgob1: but i trust marvin
GabeThGoat: oh they picked up another wr today?
obgob1: and only time will tell
obgob1: yeah
obgob1: tabby something or other in the 5th
obgob1: from ucla
GabeThGoat: well those are projects anyway
GabeThGoat: 3rd round on really
GabeThGoat: but i hear the de they picked 1st is gonna play olb?
obgob1: for sure
GabeThGoat: and he has t rex arms
obgob1: yeah
obgob1: ha
GabeThGoat: you hear chris mortensen?
obgob1: yeah
obgob1: i already knew we were going to win the superbowl
GabeThGoat: hell yeah
GabeThGoat: and the reds will make the playoffs, right?
obgob1: i think they are equally likely
obgob1: and i think both will happen
obgob1: or at least i hope a lot.
GabeThGoat: well i'd say the bengals make the playoffs for sure
GabeThGoat: maybe even get a bye
GabeThGoat: reds...still early
obgob1: im for it
obgob1: very true
obgob1: yo im about to run
obgob1: but i think im going to post this conversation on my blog
obgob1: youre a sports authority, right?
GabeThGoat: haha
GabeThGoat: right

well i think that was a good (if not lazy) way to get you up to date with my opinions on the bengals and reds. i'll be back with more soon.


lights out on monday.

as i scan the dates on the bengals' 2005-2006 schedule, which came out last week, i find myself livid. sunday, sunday, sunday...sunday, sunday--WHERE IS OUR MONDAY NIGHT GAME! what a grand display of disrespect by the nfl schedulers. with one of the highest rated monday night games of last year, how could anyone justify not giving cincinnati another one?

here is the link to an interesting column by paul daugherty about this. come on nfl, if you are going to give the opening game to the miserable RAIDERS, you could at least give the monday night spotlight to one of the league's up-and-coming teams and great stories.


the joker rakes.

randa's opening day walk-off. hopefully we see a lot more of this during 2005. Posted by Hello


week one.

after a phenomenal series against the mets and a not so hot trip to houston, i'd like to give my impressions on the first week of the cincinnati reds' 2005 campaign:

  • first of all, opening day was unreal. it was possibly the best baseball game i've ever attended. i missed last year's opener (due to a stomach virus--hey i sound like jason giambi) so this one was even more special having gone two years without an opening day in cincinnati. getting to the game, i have only two things to say really: dunn is a beast and randa is my hero (so far). my brother and i got so excited after randa's walk-off that during the celebration his car keys flew out of his pocket unnoticed and it wasn't until we were halfway out of the park before he realized they were gone.
  • the rest of the series against the mets was solid--two good wins. my only problem was with the bullpen, specifically our newly signed veteran relievers, who were a little bit shaky. however, since their first appearances, weathers, weber and merker have been relatively stellar.
  • ryan wagner has also been a highlight of this first week. it finally seems like he has put it all together. thank goodness, we needed that. matt belisle has also been a bright point and i believe his collapse in houston should be blamed on miley and gullet who were calling the game, the kid was just doing what he was told.
  • and that brings me to the last three games at the juicebox in houston. many people will be quick to blame the reds' pitching for the losses, but that blame is misplaced. the reds' hitting was atrocious this weekend--the hitter's must shoulder the blame for these losses. the reds just could not put baserunners across the plate against houston pitching. on friday and saturday i believe the reds batted 1 for 9 and 2 for 11, respectively, with runners in scoring position--this is unacceptable. i am sure that the reds offense will get locked in eventually (and it might end up being one of the best in the league) but their showing this weekend was pretty pitiful.

i have mixed feelings about the reds' start this year. on one hand the series against the mets was exemplary, on the other hand the reds must be able to beat houston (st. louis and chicago) on the road if they want any chance at contention in the central division. but right now, i just hope they can take a couple from the cards before they "round third and head for home."


baseball fans against olney.

i hate to rip on one guy repeatedly but buster you deserve it. on the eve of the new baseball season buster olney has published his preseason team rankings. here is how the reds' capsule reads (verbatim):
yes, we know eric milton has had success. but nothing happened in the spring to make us think he'll win in CINERGY FIELD.

well buster i hate to be the one to break this to you, but the reds moved out of cinergy field/riverfront stadium over two years ago. this may be of some importance to you, as you do make your career as a baseball analyst.

what is more interesting is that your point (which was weak to begin with) is lost when you say milton will struggle at the reds old park. riverfront stadium was known as a pitcher's park--home runs were few and far between. i'm sure your intention was to say that eric milton would struggle at a yard like the GABP. but that too would be incorrect; because even though it has been called a hitter's paradise, among other things, the facts show that the GABP actually slightly favors pitchers (see "unfair stigma").

i hate to keep harping on you buster, but please get your facts straight before you write anymore mindless speculation. thanks.